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Hyperlinks are electronic links to other sites on the internet. Below are some of our favorite medical sites that will give you additional medical and health related information.

Childhood Immunization Support Program hosted by the American Accademy of Pediatrics. Here you will find valuable facts about vaccinations and clarification on incorrect information you may have heard.

CBS HEALTH WATCH by Medscape at cbs.medscape.com For reliable, comprehensive and easy to find healthcare information, this site has been rated the best overall health site by Yahoo Internet Live magazine. While MEDSCAPE, the partent site of CBS Healthwatch, is labeled as a site for professionals, this site is also worth a visit.

FLU.GOV This site offers information on some of the medical options you have for preventing and treating the flu. At Flu.gov, you will get loads of sensable information about influenza, including how to recognize it and how to prevent it.

5 ways to protect your child in flu season Written by a physician, this article offers some helpful ways to help prevent your children from getting sick, as well as how to teach them to protect themselves using healthy hygiene practices

CDC and Seasonal Influenza Q&A Here are some questions and answers about Influenza from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention website.

WEBMD at webmd.com This is one of my favorite sites. It has extensive articles on all health issues, for adults and children.

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH at www.nih.gov This is the government health site where you can get as much authoritative information as you need. While it is not as user friendly as the other sites here, it will give you in depth information on any health issue.

KIDSHEALTH at kidshealth.org This site has articles written for parents, teens, and school-age children. It was founded by a nonprofit foundation, so there’s no advertising!

ONCOLOGY at oncology.com This site is a comprehensive cancer resource, with an editorial advsory board comprising some of the contries top oncologists.

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