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I am a pediatrician, a parent and a concerned American trying to understand why the United States, 2% of the world's population and who has just 5% of the world oil reserves, must consume 25% of world oil! Shouldn't the government, through stronger laws and greater financial support, take a lead and be more proactive in redirecting how we consume energy?

My family gets part of the electricity we use from an installed PV system on our roof. We drive a Civic Hybrid and a Plug-In Prius. Energy efficient appliances and light bulbs are throughout our home. Set an example for other Americans and the legislature by adopting these measures.

Write your political representatives and let them know how you feel. Join organizations like Stop Global Warming, Americans for Energy Independence, and the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC). Become informed by visiting websites such as evergreensolar.com, pluginpartners.org, calcars.org, pluginamerica.com, nrel.gov and cleanairchoice.org. And check out Plug-in Vehicle Tracker to see what is available.

The problem started with our past choices. Let's solve this problem by making new choices.

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