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STRANGERS!   As parents, there are some things we cannot take for granted. One of those things is the innocence and naivety of our younger children. Every year thousands of children disappear. Thousand more are either sexually or emotionally abused. Especially during the summer months when children are playing outside more, you must teach them the following.

Under no condition are they to go with strangers. These people entice children to get in or near the car. They use small puppies, kittens, toys, or candy. They even speak in a low voice so the child comes closer to hear better. Your child should not to accept auto rides or get into autos of strangers

You must also teach your child the following. (1) They should know their full name, address and phone number. (2) Teach them how to make a long distance phone call (especially how to dial 911 and what to say). (3) They must never tell anyone over the phone they are home alone. (4) They must never answer the door when home alone. (5) They must never go into anyone's home without their parent's permission. (6) No one has the right to touch them or make them feel uncomfortable. (7) They must tell their mother or father if an adult asks them to "keep a secret." (8) They must report it if someone offers them gifts or money, or wants to take their picture.

Protect your child through teaching them these simple precautions.

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