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MOTIVATION   Have you ever noticed that it takes 45 minutes for your child to get dressed for school in the morning but only 30 seconds to put on a costume for play? That's an example of motivation at work. Below is a motivational chart that we used for my son when he was younger. Chore Chart We gave him a check for each activity he successfully completes at the end of each day. At the end of the week we count the checks to determine his allowance, five cents for each check. This technique accomplishes several things. It gives your child the motivation to assume household responsibilities and appropriate behavior. It helps him understand the value of money. It determines how much allowance he will get based on if he has earned it. Some people feel it is too much money to give to a small child. Several factors will determine the average amount you give your child each week. What will he be doing with this money? If you tend to give your children treats at the toy store, he could now use his own money to buy what he wants. How old is your child? The younger child should get less then the older child. You could multiply the number of checks by one cent, five cents, ten cents or even twenty-five cents, depending on your child's age.

The most important things to remember if this motivational technique is going to work is the following. Remember to go over the day's "chores" at the end of each day. Make sure that this is not the time for your child to complete a task. For example, you may be ready to go over the chart for that day. Your child may run to his room to make his bed. This should not count as a check. Feel free to give him extra checks if he was particularly good. You could subtract a check or two if he is particularly uncooperative that day. However, give these "demerits" sparingly. Positive behavioral modification works much better then negative behavioral modification. The "chores" for your child should include those aspects of his behavior you wish changed. Our office will be happy to print up these chore charts based on your specifications. Please call the office and let me know exactly what you wish.

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