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Ariel's Eating Tips For Successful Weight Control

When your friends want to go out for pizza and ice cream, it’s hard to say ‘no’. But when you have a weight problem, are trying to eat healthy, are trying to lose weight or have a food addiction, it is important to make the healthy choice, no matter what.

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Tricks I have learned to help me get through the day, feeling proud about what I’ve put into my body, may help you, too.

  1. In the morning, when I have a clean slate for the day, I try to make a commitment to myself, that I will have a good ‘eating’ day TODAY. I don’t think about the party tomorrow, where there will be cake. I just focus on what I will be eating today. And if I am craving an unhealthy snack, whatever it is, I tell myself, ‘I can eat it tomorrow’. And if I am thinking about it later that day I remind myself I will be eating it tomorrow. And when I wake up tomorrow with a clean slate I will feel better knowing I ate good yesterday, and can always put that unhealthy snack off for another day. I did it yesterday, I can do it today. I don’t need to go on a 6 week diet if I can eat healthy, just for today, one day at a time.
  1. Before I sit down to my first or any meal, I exam the food. What does my body need from the food I eat and what am I really putting into my body? Chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream is my favorite breakfast but when I think about it, it’s really a dessert! Even though it tastes good, what am I really putting into my body? Saturated and Trans fats, sugars, cholesterol. On top of all the unhealthy components I am ingesting, I am not giving my body what it really needs, vitamins, proteins, etc. I look for alternative foods that taste equally as good in different ways; I love fruit and even when they are not covered in chocolate they still taste sweet!
  1.  I struggle with addiction, no matter what the substance is. For me sometimes food is as dangerous as drugs. I think about ‘why am I eating?’ ‘Am I hungry? Board? Sad? Happy? Angry? Am I finishing what’s on my plate just to be polite? (‘No thank you, I’m full.’ is polite too!) If I am not eating for the right reasons, I look at why. Feelings are better felt than fed. Even though it is hard at first, the more I do it the easier it gets.
  1. I try to keep a level head. Reality of eating:

q       I only taste food when it’s in my mouth.

q       Feelings of disappointment from what I ate, last longer than the taste.

q       I need to run miles, exercise for hours to burn off the calories it took seconds to ingest. It’s not worth it!

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